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About us Investment Manager

Investment Manager

Bellevue Asset Management AG

BB Biotech’s Investment Manager is Bellevue Asset Management AG. Bellevue Asset Management AG is subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and it has been issued a license as an authorized manager of collective investment schemes. Bellevue Asset Management AG is wholly owned by Bellevue Group AG, an independent Swiss financial boutique listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Bellevue Asset Management provides administrative services in connection with the investment activities and organizational operations of BB Biotech AG. This basically comprises the following services:

Investment Management Team

Bellevue Asset Management AG has a team of proven biotech specialists with a successful track record who manage the investments in the biotech sector’s most attractive players. The team’s academic expertise and extensive experience, its long history of collaboration and interest in all fields of medicine as well as in biochemistry and business fundamentals ensure an inspiring and constructive interdisciplinary dialog within the team and with the Board of Directors as well as with external experts such as physicians and analysts.

Head Investment Management Team

Dr. Daniel Koller

Dr. Daniel Koller joined Bellevue Asset Management in 2004 as Portfolio Manager in the biotechnology segment specialized in cardiovascular diseases. Since 2010 he is head investment management team of the listed investment company BB Biotech AG. Before joining the company he spent four years in the financial sector, initially as an equity analyst at UBS Warburg and then as a private equity investor at equity4life. Dr. Daniel Koller studied biochemistry at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and earned a doctorate in biotechnology while working at Cytos Biotechnology.

Portfolio Manager

Felicia Flanigan

Felicia Flanigan is a Portfolio Manager at Bellevue Asset Management and expert in infectious diseases and oncology. Before joining the team in 2004 she worked as a research analyst with Adams, Harkness & Hill. Previously she worked at SG Cowen in healthcare research. Felicia Flanigan received her MBA from Suffolk University, Boston, and her BA in communications from Boston College.

Portfolio Manager

Dallas Webb

Dallas Webb has been a Portfolio Manager at Bellevue Asset Management since 2006. Previously, he worked as an equity analyst first at Sterling Financial Investment Group for 2 years and then at Stanford Group from 2004 onwards. His first stop as a biotechnology analyst was at Adams, Harkness & Hill, Boston. Dallas Webb holds an MBA from Texas Christian University of Fort Worth and a BA in Microbiotechnology and Zoology from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge/Los Angeles.

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Christian Koch

Dr. Christian Koch has been a Portfolio Manager at Bellevue Asset Management since 2014. From 2013–2014 he was a sell-side Pharma & Biotech equity analyst at Bank am Bellevue in Küsnacht and from 2010–2013 a Research Associate at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zurich. He holds a PhD in Chemoinformatics & Computational Drug Design from ETH Zurich and a Master in Bioinformatics from Goethe University Frankfurt.

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Stephen Taubenfeld

Dr. Stephen Taubenfeld has been with Bellevue Asset Management as a Portfolio Manager since 2013. From 2009 to 2013 he was senior analyst at Iguana Healthcare Partners, of which he was a founding partner. From 2008 to 2009 he was a consultant with Merlin BioMed Group and from 2004 to 2008 he was M.D./Ph.D. Fellow in Neuroscience at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. He holds an M.D. and Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Brown University School of Medicine.

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Maurizio Bernasconi

Dr. Maurizio Bernasconi joined Bellevue Asset Management as Portfolio Manager in 2017. Prior he was a sell-side equity analyst in the Pharma & Biotech department of Bank am Bellevue. Maurizio Bernansconi has a master’s degree in chemistry at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, and has PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Basel.

Portfolio Manager

Dr. Samuel Croset

Dr. Samuel Croset joined Bellevue Asset Management as Portfolio Manager and Digital Transformation Lead in 2020. He previously worked for Roivant Sciences from 2018–2020 as data scientist supporting investment decisions in drug projects as well as leading a team focused on the analysis of real-world data. Prior to that, he started his professional career at Roche as data scientist in the research department (2014–2018). Samuel holds a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the University of Cambridge, a MS in Bioinformatics and a MS in Biochemistry from the University of Geneva.

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