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mRNA technology

mRNA technology is representative of the innovative power of the entire biotech industry

The global coronavirus pandemic put the biotech sector squarely in the focus of the investment community. Having produced the very first vaccines for coronavirus disease, the biotechnology sector has emerged as a key player in the race to overcome the grave medical and economic challenges the world now faces. Moderna, the US company that has developed an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine, is the latest shining example of the progress biotech companies are making for the good of society.

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Relay Therapeutics & Crispr therapeutics

Spotlight on two promising companies

BB Biotech anticipates that 2021 will bring significant technology progress and new products that address important unmet medical needs. In addition to established treatment areas such as oncology, orphan diseases and neurological indications, attention will increasingly center on rapidly developing promising technologies that offer tremendous economic value thanks to their excellent therapeutic profile. Bearing that in mind, we cast a spotlight on two companies that investors should be following.

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COVID-19 vaccines

Dealing with COVID-19 mutations

Prof. Dr. Daniel Paris, Director, Department of Medicine at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel, talked about COVID-19, especially his views regarding the potential implications of the new virus variants first identified in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil and what measures should be taken, during a webinar hosted by BB Biotech in early February.

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