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ESG Foreword


Dear reader,

Despite a challenging year on many fronts we are confident that investing in the biotechnology sector will achieve long-term success.

As an active investor, BB Biotech invests in a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio of biotech companies. The biotech companies’ products address areas of unmet medical needs and have high profit-growth potential as well as a significant positive impact on society. BB Biotech has a business-driven approach to sustainability. BB Biotech has a more than 30-year history of acting as an engaged and responsible investment company and are focusing on delivering long-term value to investors and society as a whole.

Over our more than 30 years of existence we have constantly developed our approach to responsible investing, and we are well aware that we still have much to learn and that this is a dynamic process. Engaging with portfolio companies on ESG is a journey and a constant learning process for all parties. By initiative from our Sustainability and Governance Committee we are gradually introducing new and meaningful ESG initiatives. Most recently we have implemented new policies regarding diversity, human rights, data privacy, political involvement, responsible marketing, anti-bribery and corruption, tax, health and safety and anti-money laundering. These policies and other relevant information are accessible on

In 2023 BB Biotech was selected by the Swiss Stock Exchange to be included in the SPI ESG Index. The index measures the development of Swiss equities based on an ESG rating metric provided by the rating agency Inrate.

In 2023 BB Biotech was selected by the Swiss Stock Exchange to be included in the SPI ESG Index.

We strive to keep all board members updated on recent developments regarding ESG and with this in mind we had an ESG training session conducted by Deloitte at our board meeting in November 2023.

The basic aim of biotechnology is to meet human needs or demands in order to improve quality of life and the sector ranks among the fastest growing industries. Among BB Biotech´s portfolio companies we saw several new approvals in 2023:



Treatment of

Incyte & Macrogenics


Merkel Cell Carcinoma



SOD1 Amyotrophy Lateral Sclerosis


Vyvgart Hytrulo

Generalized Myasthenia Gravis



Post Partum Depression



Chorea Huntington

Crispr & Vertex


Sickle Cell Disease



Polyneuropathy of Hereditary Transthyretin-mediated Amyloidosis

Also in the future we are expecting the portfolio companies to contribute with several new drug approvals. Currently BB Biotech´s portfolio companies have a large number of product candidates in clinical development.

BB Biotech AG strives to be in the leading group of companies with respect to sustainability. That’s why sustainability is a priority for the Board of Directors.

We continue providing as much information and transparency on our processes and results as possible to give investors the information they need to succeed.

Chairwoman of the Sustainability and Governance Committee

Laura Hamill

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