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About us Shareholder information

Shareholder information

The Company publishes its Net Asset Value daily via the major stock market information services and on its website The portfolio composition is published at least every three months within quarterly reports.

Official listing and share structure as at March 31, 2024


November 9, 1993; Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Issue price adj. November 15, 1993:

CHF 4.75

Official listing:

Switzerland: December 27, 1993 Germany: December 10, 1997

Share structure:

CHF 11.08 mn nominal, 55 400 000 registered shares with a par value of CHF 0.20 each

Shareholders, free-float:

Institutional and private investors, 100% free-float

Security number Switzerland:

3 838 999

Security number Germany:




Quotes and reports


in CHF

– Datastream: S:BINA

in EUR

– Datastream: D:BBNA

– Reuters: BABB

– Reuters: BABB

– Telekurs: BIO resp. 85, BB1

– Finanz & Wirtschaft (CH)

Stock price:

in CHF

– Bloomberg: BION SW Equity

in EUR

– Bloomberg: BBZA GY Equity


– Datastream: S:BIO


– Datastream: D:BBZ

– Reuters: BION.S

– Reuters: BION.DE

– Telekurs: BIO

– Finanz & Wirtschaft (CH)

– Neue Zürcher Zeitung (CH)

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